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20 Humorous ‘FUCK YEA’ Comics


When the Rage meme was formed, it spawned many side comics.  Today we’ve got the “Fuck Yea”, “Everything Went better than expected”, and the “Close Enough” which have on their own, become widely popular.

The “Fuck Yea” comic is made to describe a situation where everything works in your favor, all while making you look cool.  For example: You’ve got one hand on your steering wheel, the cruise control is on, and your tunes are cranked…but you’re coming up on a red light.  The light then changes from red to green before you even have to put your foot on the brake.

Did You Have An Orgasm?

Epic Beard Man

Accidental Abortion

McDonald’s Breakfast

You Have Cancer

Bulls Eye, First Try

I Have to Piss But I’m Powerleveling

Awesome Girl

These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For

Asshole Driver

Emo Douche in Mosh Pit

Bong Time Perfection

Perfect Parking


Naked Strut

Clusterfuck of Keys


Popcorn Thief

Last Paper Plate

You ain’t the Daddy

via 4chan and reddit

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