Man Stops Beer Robbery, Gets Thrown In Jail For It


Sal Miah is a hardworking owner of a curry restaurant. And like any proud store owner, he tried to take action when he encountered two teens raiding his beer cellar. After chasing them down he had his staff call the police.

They fled, but Mr Miah pursued them and managed to grab them and bring them back to the restaurant, where he sat them down by the bar.

He told his diners not to worry and instructed staff to call the police.  But as he did so a large group of the teenagers’ friends assembled outside and started to kick the door in.  Fearing for the safety of his customers, Mr Miah locked the door to prevent the ‘intimidating’ youths getting in, he said.  He also went outside to stop them from breaking his windows and pushed several of them away.

Justice served right?  Wrong.  The cops took Sal Miah in to the station after he was accused of assaulting the teens.  As he was being arrested, the shit stain kids hurled insults and laughed at him.

Picture is related. This is a hot jailbird getting groped by a naughty cop

“The system is a joke. How can a man who tries to prevent a crime in progress end up being the criminal?  ‘People are living in fear of these kind of yobs but when you do take a stand and try and defend your home or your business you end up in trouble.  ‘It’s the wrong way round. These boys told the police I had punched them and they believed them.  ‘This country is getting worse. You see these gangs tormenting people and they are just getting away with it. But who was looking out for my interests?”


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