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Fisherman vs Shark vs Crocodile

Posted February 2nd, 2010 at 1:17 pm by

I love this guy. Instead of shitting himself and running for the hills, he simply takes a swat at this giant reptile. Fishing Poles: Serious business

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  • Perth Email Marketing Guy
    February 2, 2010


    I’ll remember not to go fishing around there next time.

  • JoeB
    February 3, 2010


    Sad to hurt animals this way. These guys should find a better hobby

  • sight2seize
    February 3, 2010


    Who deserve d menu? Men or croc?

  • Jason
    February 3, 2010


    What are you talking about sad to hurt animals this way? the dude is fishing caught a shark and a croc ran up on them you actually think the croc was hurt??? The croc got spooked and thats about it, went back to his warm costal waters.

  • Java
    February 3, 2010


    Except that wasn’t the fishing pole, it was the helper with the gaffer pole that whacked the croc.

  • Lebron
    February 3, 2010


    chill out this croc is fine all he did was get spooked. those things go through worse shit than a crack on the nose by a pole

  • meee
    February 4, 2010


    They shouldnt be killing shark thats just pathetic, catch big fishes not sharks posers..

  • bigherm
    February 8, 2010


    you that commented about the shark getting hurt are pussies

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