Regretful Morning

Boyfriend of the year

Posted February 25th, 2010 at 9:50 am by

This fun loving boyfriend decided it would be sweet to wait outside for his girlfriend until she arrived with dinner. To show his gratitude, he slams her to the ground with an exercise ball. I have a feeling someone is about to hit a long dry spell.

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  • Chevy Monster
    February 25, 2010


    Guess he likes using his hand.

  • Living with Balls
    February 25, 2010


    That’s just wrong.

  • HolyLiaison
    February 27, 2010


    This was all setup and fake. You can tell by the way the box floats around that it was empty.

  • sleeping bags
    March 11, 2010


    her girlfriend should give him a big dinner

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