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25 Examples of the Female Douchebag Kissy Face

Posted February 24th, 2010 at 9:53 pm by

Yes, this is a gallery that basically makes fun of people who do that retarded duck face, but we also want to know from ladies why they do this.  Girls, don’t be shy, this is a safe place.  Why do you make this face?  It looks stupid and I’m almost certain you know it, yet you continue to pucker up like a little whore for the camera.   Why?

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  • Charles Rinko
    February 25, 2010


    Wow, you got that right. Those are some pretty homey lookin chicks dude.

  • juanitastar
    February 26, 2010


    sometimes, the girl do not know she make this face

  • TheDude
    February 26, 2010


    Is that GSP (the one w/o the great rack) in the last picture?

    • Kyle
      March 21, 2010


      yes, that is georges st-pierre in the last picture.

  • Maggie
    February 26, 2010


    Am I the only one who’s noticed that most people’s lips literally look like assholes when they do this face? And ladies, the nearly white lipstick? Yeah, makes you look like you’ve been really hard up for crack money, if you catch my drift. I’m sure the guys would prefer thinking you would go downtown with them, not that you already did with some other dude.

  • Sarah
    February 26, 2010


    it’s realllly unattractive. They do it because they think their lips look good. THANK YOU FOR THIS :3
    These girls don’t know what a real smile is, so they think making a face that looks like they’re about to blow someone makes them look pretty. All those girls are fake pretty that you posted, or just really ugly.
    I’d like to see those girls without the bleached hair, spray tans, slut clothes, and caked on makeup. See if they still feel “sexy” enough to post whore pictures.

  • Ash
    March 2, 2010


    Girls do it because they think it makes their face look thinner.

    Think, about it.. When you smile your cheeks round and your teeth become the center of the photo. Pursing your lips pulls your cheeks in, making your cheekbones stand out and your face look thinner. Your lips are the center of the photo and they look larger. Also, if you have bad teeth it gives you a reason not to show them.

    Does it look retarded? Yes. But, notice how every girl doing it obviously has security issues or body image issues. They might look like they only have 10 brain cells, but at least they look skinny! And isn’t that what matters most anyway?

    Same reason for the fake orange tans, big hair, lash extensions, heavy eyeliner, side pose, angles with cameras, and going to clubs with people who are uglier than you. Girls are competitive, catty, insecure, bitches.

  • jne bug vegas
    March 4, 2010


    why is every ones so long. there hot i would bet beet

  • Sophie.
    March 4, 2010


    Not all girls are “competitive, catty, insecure bitches.” Most of us think that pout shit looks fucking ridiculous.

  • PuppyJuice
    March 7, 2010


    I think that’s their way of telling us they want to suck our d*cks.

  • Rickytan
    March 8, 2010


    they wanna show how plump their lips are for sliding our cocks in between. nothing else.

  • You're a jerk
    March 12, 2010


    I came across this because someone reposted it so I took a look… Did you really need to include the pic of the girl on the t-shirt who passed away when she was 18 years old?…. i’m sure you won’t post this but I’m just saying to you… I think you’re the whore of the internet… classless

    • Bob Loblaw
      May 11, 2010


      I thought that was hilarious. I think it is you who is lacking in the sense of humor. Everyone should point their fingers at you and laugh for your lack of understanding internet comedy.

  • Jake
    May 6, 2010


    Is that GSP in the last photo?

  • Jessica
    June 16, 2010


    hahaha… those are some of the ugliest women i have ever seen with or without the ass lips. and yes they do it be cause they want you to think about them sucking your dick. and no not all girls are like that thank god. but the ones that aren’t beside myself are really really really really hard to find. yes that many really’s.

  • camille
    February 7, 2011


    if youre offended, youre one of these girls LOL.

  • Stevi
    March 18, 2011


    OOk well I can honestly say yes I have done that face. Im not ugly I don’t have a spray tan and bleach blonde hair I’m natural pretty but sometimes you can’t help but make that face especially if you’ve been drinking these girl are prob just the most over done and so they posted these pics I’ve seen so many girls that aren’t as hideous as those girls lol but yes girls mostly do it not to impress men we do it because we like the picture its not about men anymore these days we don’t have to impress you guys or try in turn you on by our pics we only care about what we think and how we feel. The only time a man’s opinion will matter is if your our dad it our man already and if your not then shut the f$*k up because we don’t care what you think. Fits about the person not the picture.

  • anti-stevi
    April 1, 2011


    Wow, stevi you are one silly cunt. that was the worst/longest run-on sentence i’ve read in a long time. I wish you were the girl on the shirt.

  • Kate
    May 31, 2011


    Lol Stevi, I think it’s only your own opinion that you’re “naturally pretty”. LMAO and if you didn’t care what guys think, you wouldn’t have posted this. All girls care what ppl think–that’s the natural order. If they get an ‘idc’ response, it comes from so much hate sent towards them, they just ignore it. So stop trying to be a feminist bitch, and do us all a favor and go duck-face yourself to the point you can’t even give out blowjobs anymore, bitch. Nobody cares what you think is the reason ppl do that face.

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