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My girlfriend is banging another guy, is it my fault?


This guy has a pretty cool girlfriend.  As a joke he told her it was cool if she banged a dude with a larger penis one night, and she’s been getting pounded by some basketball player ever since. Unfortunately for him, he’s too much of a pussy to tell her to stop.

My girlfriend and I have a really strong relationship (as in we tell each other everything). We’ve been together 9 months. One night were were watching porn to set the mood. The guy in the vid had a huge penis. I’m about average, maybe a little below average compared to the tapes we watch, and anyway I jokingly said if she wanted to do something like that we could arrange it. I was kind of joking but she had mentioned a few times that she wouldn’t mind if I was an inch or so bigger. Remember we tell each other every thing so this stuff comes up often.

Fast forward a few months later to new years eve. We were at a friends house party and everyone was getting pretty lit. A few of the local college basketball players were there too, so naturally the girls were acting super trampy which was pretty sexy. Making out w/ each other etc. My GF even made out w/ another girl sometime after the new years kiss.

So it’s around 2am and I’m ready to go and start trying to find her. I get to one bedroom and do a quick peek in. At first I didn’t believe it so I stepped all the one into the room. There was my girlfriend still wearing her shirt while one of those basketball player douche bags was thrusting her. I thought she might be getting raped so I stepped to him and she’s like “no no it’s ok dave don’t make him stop” or something like that. Then this asshole had the nerve to tell me to shut the door. I glanced down to see a fairly massive penis thrusting my girlfriend again. He wasn’t wearing a condom. I was feeling empty.

So I sat outside the room listening in shock almost crying as my gf got fucked for a few more minutes. On the cab ride home she explained that she thought it was my fantasy. And I guess since we talked about it I really have no right to be mad.

Fast forward to present. I’ve caught my girlfriend having sex with this guy around 6 more times. One time they even started while I was in the room and tried to get me to watch the whole thing. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I told her that it was weird and she was like “sometimes fantasy makes us feel uncomfortable.”

I alrdy told her it was ok so I would be a hypocrite if I made her stop now. I also told the dude to kindly not come over anymore and he pretty much said that he would come over if she invited him.

My question I guess is: How do I handle this? I want my GF to be happy and it hurts me to know I can’t satisfy her sexually like this guy can. On the other hand, she should want me to be happy also right? Am I an asshole for saying it’s ok for her to have sex with a larger male, and then change my mind?


Dave, just let it happen man, you let this go way too far to salvage the relationship.  Plus, at least you know she’s getting boinked and she doesn’t have to lie to you and say that it’s “girls night out.”  If you were smart, you’d get a video cam and toss some of this shit on to Red Tube.

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Picture is unrelated, but resembles a slut.

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