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8 Rejected iPad Prototypes

Posted January 29th, 2010 at 6:51 pm by

Now that the “Apple tablet”, which we now know is curiously called the “iPad”, has been unveiled, we thought you might be fascinated to learn about the development of the product, as we were. Apple considered a lot of different designs and names before deciding on the iPad. After seeing these prototypes that were ultimately rejected, we’re not totally sure they made the right choice. What do you think?  If you’ve got any slick one liner slogans to describe these, post them below.

The iForeman Grill

The iTot

The iDIY


The iTouch

The iPad iBleed Edition

The iPon

The iWish Portable

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  • Dude
    January 30, 2010


    Wow this is SO clever! I don’t think I’ve seen the “ipad tampon” joke before!

    Oh, and I love the “grill” one–it’s nothing like the PS3 Grill joke from 6 years ago!

    These guys are certainly on top of things… That’s what SHE said!

    • Gerri
      January 30, 2010


      I know. The retarded ass clown who had the fuckin nerve to post this stupid shit should be shot, along with commenters who make “that’s what SHE said” jokes.

  • Jean Michel
    January 31, 2010


    C’est nul,
    It’s not funny.
    (I’m not an apple fan)

  • John Scrovak
    January 31, 2010


    Holy shit, Dude, you’re fucking brilliant! Great idea, if we all set ourself up for TWSS jokes, and then TWSS ourselves, we can give the TRRSTS another reason to hate America!!!

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