Sex’d straight


Name: Jonathan
Age (at the time): 25

From the age of 13, being a small German boy, I realized i was gay. On my 18th birthday i also decided that i wanted to be a transvestite. Due to the credit crunch i decided hookerism was my only option. Unfortunately not being very attractive, it didn’t bring me that much money- so i had to take whatever work i could get.

One drunken evening, I met a man, he was really nice and he was also German and claimed to be a close relative of Hitler. I was suspicious at the time about this fellow, but I didn’t think anything of it. We went back to his Hotel called ‘The Cock Inn’ and enjoyed an entire night of rough, animal, drunken sex!

The next morning when I woke, I was extremely hung over. I rolled over, to my surprise a gorgeous woman was lying in front of me. Her black Hitler style wig and mustache has fallen off to reveal he long blonde hair and beautiful complexion.


This experience changed my life forever! I am no longer a German Male Transvestite Hooker. I am a happily married and committed man who is now straight thanks to the extremely beautiful sex god that is…

Dear Jonathan, are you trying to tell me that you had sexual intercourse all night long with a man and it never occurred to you that they had breasts and a vagina?  That being said…SWEET!  You must have been pretty trashed (even though this story sounds like bullshit).

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