Earlier this week I had a quick chat with the lovely and talented Ingrid Ullrich.  So while you’re cleaning yourself up, take some time to get to know her.

When did you get into Modeling?
About 2 years ago give or take. I never took it serious until now though. I’ve been a trained dancer my whole life performing since I was three years old. I actually graduated from college with a degree in it. Dancing has been the main focus of my life for quite some time but I’ve always wanted to model. I started going to photo shoots from time to time when I had a little bit of free time to start a portfolio for myself. I ended up falling in love with it. It is now my passion and my dream to make something out of it. Now every time I shoot I want it to be bigger and better than the last. I don’t just want a collection of “pretty” images. I want my photos to express moods and expressions that I can create and bring to life.


Where do you want to go from here?
Well now that modeling is my passion I would absolutely love to model glam/fitness/lingerie for well known magazines. Maxim has always been my top choice. I used to look at that magazine when I was young and say “those girls are so hot, I wanna be one!” haha Along with modeling, my dream has always been to dance in Vegas. My options are always open to new and exciting job opportunities though. One in which I will be dancing for 6 months on a cruise ship starting February 2010!


In your email it said you’re going to be dancing on a cruise ship. Is that like ballet dancing, or the gentlemen club kind?
Ha, well it is actually neither. Although, you should be trained in ballet considering it is the foundation of all dance styles. Jazz/Theater will be the style of the shows that will be performed to my understanding. Sorry boys, no poles involved!


Whats the best hangover remedy?
Orange Juice!


Have you ever had a ‘Regretful Morning’

OH YES. That would have to be my freshman year of college. All I remember is pregaming with my girlfriends in my dorm room having a blast dancing and getting ready to go out. Going to a random house party with tons and tons of alcohol. I remember there was a huge bin of this red juicy punch drink. Tasted NOTHING like alcohol which is why I decided to drink TONS of it. So after that, we had to catch the bus at 2 am to make it back to the school. Well supposedly I was screaming, “stop the bus stop the bus I have to puke!” I ran off the bus, found an alley to puke in, and last but not least, woke up in the hospital diagnosed with Acute Alcholism or something like that.  I was so embarassed but I never drank like that again! I never drank in high school so freshman year of college def. gave me a RUDE AWAKENING!


Your dream man would take you where on a first date?
Coming to my door with a dozen of white roses, going to a high class restaurant with a beautiful view of the city, back to his place for some champagne and strawberries to watch a romantic movie, then at the end of the date he walks me to my door with a good night kiss!


Down to earth yet knows how to party, woot.  I was going to propose but hot chicks make me nervous.  If you want to see more of Ingrid’s photos, you can check out her site – Ingrid