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Nada Surf ‘Popular’ Cheerleader All Grown Up

The year was 1996, the channel was MTV, the place was my parent’s living room, and the music video was “Popular” by Nada Surf. I don’t have to tell you what happened next but it rhymes with ‘masturbation’.

For those of you under the age of 25, you may not appreciate the sentiment here by saying “Dude just go to www.insert free porn url and fap there.”   Because my sons, in the 90’s we shared our porn via bulky VHS tapes, Playboy mags, and Polaroid pics of someones hammered, hairy boxed GF.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my couch time with this cheerleader, so I decided to stalk the shit out of her track her down and attempt to get an interview.  Btw, her name is Sarah Sebestyen and I’m in even more love now than I was before.

nada surf

Regretful Morning: Were you in HS at the time of this video?
Sarah Sebestyen: I was 18 when the Nada surf video was filmed at Bayonne Highschool in Bayone NJ and I’m 31 now.  I was in HS at the time, spring of my senior year in NYC at the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan.

RM: Was the football jock a good kisser?
SS: Which football player, the first guy or the second? I guess they were both alright, sadly the dark headed guy that I kissed at the end of the video committed suicide, found that out a few months back. Really sad.

RM: You mean the longer haired guy at the end?
SS: Yes, it was the guy with the longer hair. Super sad. I was really surprised when I found out.

RM: Was there any hooking up on the set?
SS: Dave, the second guy with dark hair and I became good friends and yeah, we hooked up back in the day. LOL

RM: What are you doing now?
SS: I’m a mother of two, and have a residential realestate company in Nashville, and write blues/ country music with my husband, and we released an album on itunes called seven songs on 9-9-09:)  (It can be seen here)

RM: Lastly was it weird knowing that junior high kids like myself were fapp…I mean…had a huge crush on you?
SS: Was it weird????? no, more like flattering:) LOL