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I slept with 50 guys, bf should get over it

Posted December 11th, 2009 at 6:18 pm by

In today’s episode of “Is my GF a slut?” we’re going to look at a young lady who had 50 penises stuffed into her vagina within a 2 month period of time.  After telling her boyfriend the news, she said he felt “distant” and thinks that he should get over it already.

Gloria Jimenez

I had a period in my life where I wanted to have some fun. In doing so I slept with just over 50 men in a short amount of time. I told my current boyfriend of 11 months this last night and now he’s being really distant. He has been with 25 women he claims, so I don’t see what the big difference is. I’m not fucking these 50 guys currently as I only want to be with him. He says that he is worried that I will cheat on him even though I’ve never cheated on anyone before. Please help me make sense of this reddit. thanks

Wow. I’m really surprised at the number of negative comments calling me a whore or implying that I have mental problems. Why is it OK if a man were to sleep around with 50 women over a short period of time, he would be called a Player/Baller/Pimp/Hero yet when a woman does it, she’s labeled as having mental issues/slut/whore/cunt. Why is America so puritanical? So I had sex with 50 healthy men, sometimes 2 per day, but mostly a few a week. I am an attractive female who attracts good looking men. I like to have sex. Why is this so hard for the hive mind to comprehend a woman who knows what she wants? The reason why I’ve been in a relationship with my BF for 11 months is because I’m through with that. I got my kicks and got out. I am a lot more happy where I am today but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun doing what I did.

If you have time, you should check out the thread on reddit.  It’s pretty funny how many female readers come to her rescue with comments like “She’s not a whore it’s just a number.”  Personally I think this is pretty awesome, and probably far more common than most of us as guys want to admit.  The simple fact is: Your girlfriend/wife/booty call, has been banged by way more people than you have.  However, only a select few will admit it.

Embrace the whorishness, or shame the number?

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  • redd one
    September 16, 2010


    . If you had to divulge every time you had sex with a different woman, would it take both hands to count them ? Finding there was 50, anyone man or woman would be suprized and have disbelief . But it is in the past. People can change, but other people have to help them change. Apparently he did that for her. Now grow up and decide, if you want to pout, or you want a person that is in love with you? She says that was an experience she doesn’t want to repeat. Be man enough to believe her.

  • Centauri
    September 26, 2010



  • Virgin
    September 30, 2010


    She’s even worse than prostitutes. They get paid. She was giving free sex. Plus, she had sex with these men for fun not because she loved them. Indeed, a fucking whore!

    • Jason
      February 14, 2011


      Clearly there is no difference globally between the number of women that men sleep with, and the number of men that women sleep with. So men need to get over the fact that some women sleep with more men.

      How does their sexual past affect you? How does the number of men that she has slep with affect how much she loves YOU? It seems to be only out of a juvenile sense of her sexuality being an object that belongs to a man.

      A man has no business judging what doesnt’ affect him. Her sexuality is her own. A man should be lucky that she has decided to have it with him instead of worrying how many guys have had it before. It is not a thing. It is an action. A bodily function.

      Get over it and

      Grow up.

  • Piscean
    October 1, 2010


    I cannot believe the responses on here. This woman is her own person and what she wants to do with her body is her business. If her boyfriend cant handle it then he should let her go. If she is now loyal to him and he believes her then what is the big deal.

    I think the posters on here would be unbelievably happy to get laid at all, let alone as often as this amazing woman

  • whorehater
    December 5, 2010


    Damn that bitch is a whore. nasty!!! her vajay should have a biohazard sticker on it!

  • damnbaby
    January 11, 2011


    damn 50 dizznicks in 2 monthsz?? im sorry to say baby but yur a slizzut. baby you cant turn a hoe into a housewife, and to make a man want to is not going to be easy. but anywaysz ur opinion is true, with that being said if your ever in the florida tampa orlando area shoot me an email ;D,

  • Candite
    February 8, 2011


    It is undeniable that you are truely a whore. But to think that a male being called a player, pimp or baller is a good thing, you are sorely mistaken. Your stupidity has lead you into a shit hole you will never recover from. The wise choice would have been to leave him the moment you found out and found someone with more morals. Unfortunately an idiot such as yourself is unable to process complex thinking.

    On another note I left out hero because that is a title bestowed upon those that do amazing feats of bravery or of similar acts. Not for stupid things such as banging X amount of girls or guys. To even think one would deserve such a title for a retarded reason is more than enough proof that person and those that deem them hero deserves nothing more than to be wiped off the face of planet.

    • Candite
      February 8, 2011


      In conclusion you’re a whore, he’s a player, all of your kind needs to be killed without question or hesitation.

      • Jason
        February 14, 2011


        What a childish and hateful person you are. Who do you think that you are judging what another person does with their body?

        How does it affect you if someone has been physical once, twice, or 100 times before? It is her decision alone and has no bearing on how she will act in a committed relationship.

        You should feel lucky that she chooses to have sex with you at all with your terrible and immoral attitude.

  • Ben Dover
    June 28, 2011


    I just have one word to say to you – whore.

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