Swine Flu is here to stay.  Sadly, no one is doing what they should be doing to get some real answers.

You can never go wrong asking a Kindergartner for advice in extreme situations.

The Future Has a Cure


Kindergartners  Logic – Michael Fox used this car to get cool stuff with the old man.  We could use it to go in the future and then come back.

Kool-Aid for Pigs


Kindergartners  Logic – Red Kool-Aid the punch kind makes me feel better when it’s hot outside and I’m allowed to have it in the Summer.

Pooh’s Honey (Not to be confused with the Japanese adult film “Poo and Honey”)


Kindergartners  Logic – Sometimes if Winnie doesn’t feel good he gets better after honey.

Tami Flu – Like the cure for the T virus, but for pigs.


Kindergartners  Logic – This one time at a sleep-over we saw Resident Evil where people got sick and died.  But then to get better they had a shot like this.  We should use it and I also saw the one girls boobs.

Lemsip (Zesty zip of lime mixed with the delicious taste of bacon)


Kindergartners  Logic – My uncle says that bacon is the best shit ever so if we use it in tea then more people will drink it and be ok again.

Military Gas Masks


Kindergartners  Logic – My Dad said that those paper masks don’t do dick.  The pigs should use the better masks to stay healthy and strong.



Kindergartners  Logic – I think if Babe the pig or the other one from Charlotte’s Web was sick then chocolate milk would help because the bunny is always happy.

Missiles Over Mexico


Kindergartners  Logic – If USA can shoot bombs at the bad pigs then we wouldn’t get sick anymore because the bad pigs would died.

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