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Connecting With Your Emo Son

Posted October 22nd, 2009 at 11:35 am by

For many fathers, raising a child in the 21st century is not an easy task.  Suggesting recreational activities that may have appealed to you as a child (monster truck racing/fishing/playing catch), might be met with eye rolling, a loud sigh, or even a temper tantrum.

Lucky for you, we’ve developed the My-Life-Sux-O-Meter.  This patented device can be attached to your son in order to measure his excitement levels.  So instead of having a conversation like this:

“Hey son would you like to go fishing?”

“You don’t fucking understand me at all dad!”

You can simply attach the device to your son and say the word “fishing.”  From here you should be able to get an accurate excitement level reading, and you’ll be able to determine if the activity selected will appeal to your son.  The higher meter levels are a good indication that your son will look forward to the suggested activity.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Ski Trip With The Family


Go Carting With Uncle Roy


Go to the beach


Head to Macy’s for the eyeliner sale


Shopping at Hot Topic


Not convinced?  Take a look at this testimony from Brad McCarthy.

Before we ordered the My-Life-Sux-O-Meter I was at a serious dead end with my son, but now things are really starting to look up.  Just yesterday I brought home the new Fall Out Boy CD for my boy and he said I was “pretty chill.”  Next month I’m taking him to get a signed Twilight DvD, we’re very excited!

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  • LOL
    May 11, 2009


    that was the funniest thing i have ever read!

  • bass
    October 25, 2009


    you should read more then.

  • Mike
    October 25, 2009


    C´mon, My Chemical Romance is not so bad

  • Yes it is
    October 26, 2009


    You fucking boy kisser.

  • Jennifer
    October 26, 2009


    Oddly enough I see these guys with cute girls alot.

    • male
      December 7, 2010


      you are cute to

  • Nacho
    October 27, 2009



  • dcfgchg
    November 2, 2009


    Look closer Jen and you’ll see that they’re just more emo boys.

    And my chemical romance are fukking awfull

  • Ed
    December 20, 2009


    third one down is an actor that plays an emo kid on british tv he’s deliberately made to look OTT emo

  • Aliana
    December 20, 2009


    OHH sure. So My Chemical Romance is emo. THOSE PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT IS CRAP. END OF STORY.

  • Leesie
    January 25, 2010


    Yeah, the third one down is a guy called Nico Mirallegro. He used to play an emo in a program called Hollyoaks, his character has now changed to a more ‘normal’ looking chap :)

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