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7 Semi Retarded Ads For Your Penis

If you’re a guy, you think your penis is awesome, and you should.  Sadly, females have become fairly choosy in modern society when it comes to the size of the flesh rocket they want to be pounded by.  Some of us who measure in at less than average have turned a curious eye when we see something guaranteed to make ‘it’ bigger and better.   Here are seven somewhat laughable ads that make the less than average man, perform like a stallion.

7) Cialis – Cuba Gooding Jr. used it and his boner tripped someone. Become a 36 hour donkey swinging Casanova now.

6) Erectol XL – Two of these per day and you’ll be bobbing your own knob.

5) Magna RX – The chick moaning was getting nailed by a dude using our pill. Order now.

4) Viswiss – Our pill works while you’re wasted! No more whiskey dick after a night of clubbing.

3) Viagra – Cock push ups are a thing of the past. When you’re on Viagra you can do the ‘cock spin’.

2) Vigorin – If you try to push your junk down after taking 2 of these, your mother fucking heels will come off of the ground. Get Torqued with Viogrin.

1) Xomax – We turned an average Joe into a pussy pounding porn star, buy this shit now.