Regretful Morning

Please put your images back up

Posted September 4th, 2009 at 5:15 pm by

images on your site

I actually had a similar problem until I started replacing and renaming my images with a GIF from

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  • kryvian
    September 4, 2009


    … dear God. I actually like how much guts (or stupidity) some ppl have (and still have the brainpower to udnderstand how computers work)

  • knobile
    September 6, 2009


    I would lead him on and see if he actually tried to sue your ass lol. Or even easier, tell him you wont put them up unless you got a formal demand letter from his attorney. What a riot

    September 6, 2009


    Why redact the guy’s name? People leech my photos from time to time and I replace them with horrible, horrible pics to get my point across.

  • Stephen
    September 6, 2009


    A lot of work’s gone into making sure that people without too much brainpower can understand computers. It’s not exactly a mensa entrance exam to hotlink images.

    That’s pretty shameless though, what can you say to this? “I’m sorry but I’m not responsible for your violation of my copyright?” Will that even get through to them?

  • clone4crw
    September 6, 2009


    “I am an honest business man…”

    Yeah. Sure.

  • Chris
    September 8, 2009


    Holy crap! First of all, if he found your pictures only on your site and not on a public domain like Google or Photobucket it’s wrong to use them in any capacity. Furthermore, if you are going to be an ass and steal somebody’s images, the least you can do is upload them to your own server or save them on your own computer if you are using a hosted service like Blogger. It looks like you put a lot of work into creating your images using a photo album program or the like. That’s a lot of work and most people don’t understand that. That’s why your blog looks so good. I’d be pissed. If there is one thing I hate, it’s stealing other people original shit.

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