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If Digg Categories Were Honest

Posted September 28th, 2009 at 11:25 am by

When it comes to finding the latest hip stories, viral vids, or funny pics, a lot of us head over to where we can enjoy all of those things without having to scour through RSS feeds.  As we continued to use this site, we began to see a trend when it came to user submissions.  Thus, we’d like to suggest the new and improved category boxes for people who are ready to submit stories.


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  • gibbs12
    September 28, 2009


    so true, so true. only needs an infographic comment

    • Digg Troll
      September 29, 2009


      And a flowchart category. Rest is accurate.

    • Alyssa Myers
      October 3, 2009


      I bury them all!

  • bobby
    September 29, 2009


    It’s kind of funny how didn’t add it’s name to the categories, hell they get tons of traffic every day!

  • gibbs12
    September 29, 2009


    thought of another –

    needs comedycentral representation – jon stewart or colbert

    • Klam
      September 29, 2009


      What about those lego star wars pictures?

  • Cat
    October 5, 2009


    The Obama/Glenn Beck is spot-on.

  • onlinepayday
    April 12, 2010


    Good day!

    Another newbie here. I’ve joined on the recommendation of a friend on here. Looks like there are lots of interesting threads.
    I love gardening and messing about with the camera so you should see me joining in with those for starters.

    Take care!

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