Every now and then, when you’re watching TV, a commercial comes along that makes you laugh. And you can’t help it because they didn’t try to be funny, or racist, but accidentally became both. When viewing these, remember: we at Regretful Morning are not racist, and fight racism through our equal hatred of everyone that isn’t a beautiful woman.


‘Revolutionary’ Flat-Bottom Tacos
Old El Paso is a manufacturer of taco accessories, for home-made housewife-style tacos. As our friend Jay (and any taco connoisseur) will tell you, that’s not a taco. But I digress. If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to hold your taco upright without actually holding it, you’re in the minority. Also, this new taco shell is for you.

“True genius, Mexican Style!” Really? A true act of Mexican genius isn’t a discovery, an algorithm created, a problem solved, but a taco with a flat bottom? That’s rather upsetting.

Honky Don’t Know Barbecue
Here is the only video we could find that’s racist against white people. (See? We said everybody) A black man owns what appears to be a family barbecue restaurant. It starts out pretty normal, he’s telling everyone about his new restaurant, how real barbecue is prepared, then he drops the bomb. This guy can’t cook it.

Why? There is no explanation at all. The only thing you notice, is that was the only man dressed to cook who was white. See for yourself!

Westerners Rescue Asians From The Inability To Eat Jell-o
It’s a well known fact that chopsticks are a very popular eating utensil in China, almost as popular as the western fork. Well, in the 1960s, Jell-o capitalized on this, and showed how incredibly difficult it is for a ‘Chinese-type baby’ to eat Jell-o, a ‘famous western delicacy’ with a set of chopsticks.

Mind you, this is all narrated in a faux-Asian accent, and written as an ‘ancient Chinese pantomime’. Repeated attempts cause the poor baby to cry. Not to worry though, the baby’s mother brings the baby the ‘great western invention’ of the spoon. If we didn’t know better, this commercial pretty much says the Chinese are incompetent and lost with out us great Westerners! Have a look-see!

Black and White Furniture
Here, we have a commercial for a small town furniture store. Apparently racism is a big issue in this town in North Carolina, because this store’s entire commercial is trying to be anti-racist by showing that both black people and white people can shop there.

In their attempt to pull this off, they come across even more racist than ever by stereotyping both the black and white people, and overall just being a bad commercial. And yes, it is a real place

Black squirrels?
You’ll probably remember this commercial series for the PSP, with the talking squirrels? What you may not have noticed is the race subtly attributed to the squirrels. Exclamations of “I’d hit that, I’d hit that!” They are obviously intended to be an ignorant interpretation of black people. Don’t believe us? Listen to the way the talk to each other. Watch this video, then pay careful attention around 1:22 in the second video.

We’re just saying.

‘Revolutionary’ Two Taco Package
Old El Paso shows up again at the end of our list, because we couldn’t stick two ads right next to each other. Once again, there exists a dilemma almost no one has. This time, it’s whether to have soft or hard tacos for dinner. Then, ‘True Genius, Mexican Styla’ kicks in, and a small child proposes the novel idea of both. Mexican genius at it’s finest, according to Old El Paso!

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