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Rough Night? Let us find the content!

Do I have a masturbation problem?

A lot of websites crank out intercourse related articles on a daily basis.  How to have better sex, How to make your penis feel bigger during sex, how to make your GF orgasm so hard that she shits all over your sheets…just to name a few.

Here at RM we’re a bit more logical.  Not everyone can get laid every single day.  And if you want to avoid serious sack buildup, you need to release that pressure a few times per week.

And while we’re being totally honest, masturbation is awesome because it eliminates some of the following risks: STD’s, drama, financial cut, and crying kids.

Is there a such thing as too much ‘pulling of the pud’ though?  We didn’t think so at first, but after doing some extensive research, we were in fact able to see that over masturbating can be an issue.

We’ve developed a small check list for you to reference.  What you’ll want to do is say “I’ve jerked off while…” and fill in the correct box.  Good luck pervs.