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Marijuana in Your Life: A Time Line

Posted July 11th, 2009 at 2:32 pm by

My neighbor came over the other day wanting me to give him ideas for a paper he’s writing on marijuana.  His topic was to explain how weed can stimulate the economy.   Since the poor kid is stuck in summer school, I told him we could make an infographic via illustrator instead.  This is what we came up with.  Here’s to hoping a site full of dick jokes can still score a tenth grader a decent grade.


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  • Flono McFlooniloon
    July 17, 2009


    What many people fail to realize is that if marijuana were legal, then they would eliminate the criminal element almost immediately. Look what happened during the days of alcohol prohibition. Same shit. The problem is that marijuana and its cousin hemp are completely misunderstood. But I think as more studies are done the government can no longer deny the hypocrisy of cannabis prohibition. At the very least we should have an alternative for industrial products that hemp can give us. Do some research about hemp farming in the early days of the US. Some farmers were ordered by the government to grow hemp. Hell, the un-christian founding fathers were aware of its benefits. Stop believing what you see on TV and really educate yourself not only this issue, but many of the issues affecting us today. Put down the remote and stop being a slave.

  • Crazy Oldie
    July 18, 2009


    I get high all day every day and the benefit of post-college life and being a stoner is that you can hit up the strip clubs and entice the single moms to roll and j at your place….for sharing your stash, they will screw you and blow you like no other girl…this cycle is repeated weekly.

  • harrison
    July 25, 2009


    that sounds amazing, teach me your ways

  • bmulligan
    July 25, 2009


    $35 for a 1/4 , $95 for an oh zee? Where the heck do I find THAT guy who gives the 20 year old discount?

  • Jo
    July 29, 2009


    where you are you getting 95 dollar ounces?

  • aROORa
    August 2, 2009


    If you’re payin more than 100 for an ounce than you’re gettin ripped. Unless it’s some chron. Then the prices could be anything.

  • Mr. Candid
    August 15, 2009


    $95 for an OZ? I haven’t bought it at that price since 1998!

  • Ash Frog
    December 13, 2009


    @ aROORa
    If you’re payng less than $250 an Oz then you’re getting some shit bud. Sorry, some of us prefer quality over quantity.

  • chronicrasta
    December 17, 2009


    screw that. I pay 40 an ounce here in TX. the chronic is 20-30 a gram or about 600 for a zone. The chronic is14 times more expensive yet not even close to 14 times as strong as the schwag. chronic is only good when you’re looking for a different high. otherwise you are retarded with these prices.

  • phishphansj3151
    January 29, 2010


    ^By a “different high” you mean shitty one? Shitty weed=shitty high, good weed=good high. I’d rather have a tiny bong of good heads over a blunt of shwag any day. I can’t even contemplate how shitty the weed must be for a 40$ oz. It sends shiver down my acid laced spine! hahaha

  • AshK
    March 2, 2010


    Just paid $65 for an oz of corn. Not terrible stuff.

    Got 4 grams of afgan cush lab grown in Colorado a few weeks ago for $40.

    Weed is pretty cheap in Tx.

  • Smokey
    March 15, 2010


    Friends, price all depends where you are on the supply chain, I’ve paid anything from $50 to $225/oz and I have to tell you it’s not really about the quality, it’s about how much the other guy got it for.

  • ismokedank
    June 11, 2010


    wtf 90$ an ounce? no fuckin way, either you are married to a dealer or its the worst shake ever

  • llampwall
    October 1, 2010



    1. come to california
    2. smoke a $60 8th of medical
    3. never be satisfied with nasty texas bud again.

  • toker anon
    May 20, 2011


    I live in tx and man this shit is way off. I spend like 90 on fucking great bud every week. I buy like and eigth and a g of kush or whatever they got that is good and get me high high not buzzing.

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