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How to fit in like a Guido at the Beach

Posted July 21st, 2009 at 3:50 pm by

A lot of people categorize Guidos as regular douchebags, but this is false.  It takes a lot of hair gel, months at the gym, and a shit load of hours in a tanning bed to become the 4chan target known as Guido.  Since summer is here and a lot of you might be trying new looks, we’ve decided to create the Guido beach guide.


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  • beejay
    July 21, 2009


    I hate those fucking hotti boys

  • fo shiz
    July 22, 2009


    yahoo avatar…golden

  • Ricardo
    July 22, 2009


    fuck yall haters I get more pussy than u

  • User
    July 22, 2009


    Is this supposed to be funny? Barbed wire tattoos are very 1996 so he must have got that tattoo when he was 10. No one carries a condom in the pocket of their swimsuit. And Ray-Bans….were those cool in the 1980s or something? I think my dad has a pair. And also, why is this “Guido” Hawaiian?

  • Michael
    July 23, 2009


    Author doesn’t know what a guido is :(

    Plus, yeah, this guy gets laid a lot more than you.

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