With the economy in shambles, pinching pennies has become serious business.  Thankfully the folks at Amazon.com developed a way to sell most of their ‘new’ products in ‘used’ format.  Searching Amazon we found massive discounts when looking for items like: a Ford F-150, a couch and a ceiling fixture.  Then we stumbled on a few that might be a bit much.  We’ll let you be the judge.

bathroom stall

For the record, these are screen shots that have been cropped to fit this article. Otherwise, they are not edited in any way, and are clearly available at Amazon through searches…

I'd rather get a used cow

Bar Soap
Mmm sweaty manfluids on my soap...

....... There are no words.

Yick, sweaty manhairs on my discount deodorant...

Gum (not even labeled ‘ABC’)
Heh.  Already Been Chewed.  ABC.  Get it?

Only women should suck on things previously sucked on

These... were supposed to be red, right?

Toilet Paper
Who's looked at their toilet paper and thought, you look familiar?

It's like kissing a totally anonymous stranger, but with less kissing and more gross

Like the toothbrushes, but with free food attached.

Sadly, they have litle boy's underwear used too...  Some creeps probably selling out their warehouses

Just... gross.