Regretful Morning

Medicated hot mama gets 2 refills

Posted June 1st, 2009 at 4:29 pm by

Name: Anon Girl
Age: 18

So I am taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds which, when mixed with alcohol, increase its effects. So I pretty much black out every time I party.

One night I was at my friends house and she was having a kickback but there was a LOT of booze, and I drank a lot of that booze. So before I know it I’m on the couch having sex with some guy. I had obviously blacked out, and come to right in the middle of sex. I did not plan on having sex that night and I didn’t really want to. So, when I came to, needless to say I was pretty surprised. I actually made him stop and I got up and left the room.


He had a little bit too much to drink that night too, so he heads to the bathroom to puke his guts out, where he stayed the rest of the night. Next moments I remember are making out with some other guy, and then I black out again. When I come to this time I’m on that same couch, fucking the second guy. I make him stop too, and get up and leave the room.

I have no idea where he went, but he left the room so I went back to the couch to go to sleep. What makes it worse was both of them were still at the house in the morning… awkward!!!

Dear anonymous chick, you are the total package. I seriously want to marry you. You pop pills, get hammered, and bang random dudes all in one night, sweet! That’s like summoning a truck load of awesomeness and crashing it into the worlds largest sand castle.

PS – Don’t you dare let anyone call you a whore. Just keep doing what you’re doing. (Also email me if you’re in the San Diego area)

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  • purplecock
    June 1, 2009


    I was the 2nd guy, she was fun and easy.

    • Alyssa Myers
      October 3, 2009


      It’s not rape… think of it as surprise sex!

  • Jenny
    June 2, 2009


    Poor girl, men are such pigs. All they think about is sex. Just shows how little feminism has done to change the male attitude towards women consenting to sex.

    • Rufy Man
      June 2, 2009


      She wanted to get fucked. Don’t mix meds next time silly whores.

  • wst
    June 3, 2009


    Fucksakes, that’s rape

  • lulz
    June 3, 2009


    I’d do her

  • the girl
    June 4, 2009


    No you weren’t. Fuck you.

  • the girl
    June 4, 2009


    p.s. that comment was in response to the first one

  • hahha owned
    June 4, 2009


    I’m so turned on right now. I love banging passed out bitches

  • joe moms
    June 7, 2009


    She wasn’t passed out; she was blacked out, which means she was conscious but does not remember any of her actions.

    • Z. Bunny
      October 21, 2009


      She’ll wish she remembered when she gets her HIV test back and shes positive. OOPS

  • Dan
    April 15, 2010


    I like that her big concern was that it was awkward in the morning, not that she blacked out alter ego seems to like couch sex with random dudes.

  • Oops
    January 17, 2011


    Fyi you can’t give legal consent when under the influence, so as others have pointed out, this was actually a rape…victim blaming isn’t what I do, so all I will say is please take better care of yourself. And make sure the people you are having sex with can ALSO give unmediated consent. It swings both ways, and both of you could get hurt, or end up with a truckload of regret…not to mention the STD’s…

    • Cody
      May 17, 2011


      Who’s to say she didn’t initiate it? If you’re both impaired, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing illegal going on there.

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