In the the late 1800’s Thomas Alva Edison invented the kinetograph (a motion picture camera), and the kinetoscope (a motion picture viewer). 100 years later we comfortably watch films via plasma screen in our living rooms. We thought it would be fun for readers to show us how entertainment would look in another 100 years from now.

American Idol Orphan – Using the same concept as American Idol, AIO allows 1-3 year old orphan children to compete against each other.  The winner is placed with a loving family.


COD 29 – Call of Duty is now virtual and can still be played in the privacy of your own basement.  Some side effects include: actual bullets penetrating your body, mental retardation, and psychological issues that will last a lifetime.


Deep Thought 1.0 – Toss that mouse and keyboard out the window, Deep Thought will make them obsolete.  Use your mind to surf the web, go directly to urls, and even write your own documents.  Unfortunately these kits have been banned from the work place.


6th Gen Wii – In the year 2090 Skynet becomes self aware.  By 2095 the machines became bored when they ran out of shit to destroy.  The 6th Gen Wii was designed by robots, for robots.


Laser Quest – Laser Quest was developed by a Japanese gamer who felt paint ball and laser tag had become far too boring.  Much like Paintball courses, you’ll need written consent to play.


JSPN – A sports network dedicated entirely to Jet Pack sports.


Roboslut – The Roboslut can do all of the things that a regular wife can do but better.  RS comes equipped with a flat screen, and a fully functioning vagina.  Unfortunately oral sex can only be achieved once the face plate is removed (which can be frightening).


The PS 87 – The Playstation 87 is an interactive platform that can simulate everything from a WW III battle to a lap dance.  Interactive video has a clothing optional setting so you can watch your favorite stars act in the nude.


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