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How to blow your load with a 56k modem

A lot of us didn’t have the convenience of broadband Internet when we hit our teenage years.  This made watching porn a task in itself.  A buffering video is something we’d run into quite often, and depending on how far along we were, it could be quite the mood ruiner.

jack off

Eventually we learned to play the video from the beginning when it began to buffer (in hopes that the last little piece of video would be done downloading).  Sadly, starting a video completely over when you’re close to climax, is a good way to destroy your rhythm.

We’ve developed a flowchart that will show you exactly what to do if you’re watching porn via 56k modem and your video starts to buffer.


“Cool flowchart bro, but I don’t understand the White Zombie mp3 part?”

A chick gets porked at the beginning of the song, we’ve uploaded it here. It can be used as an audio stimulant if video has failed you.