Recline that chair and throw on a pair of shades, for today is the first official day summer.  Over the last few weeks we set out with a notepad and asked various bartenders what the most popular drinks are in the summer season.

The drinks listed changed between bars, but the following 5 were mentioned the most by bartenders.



It’s no surprise Corona made this list. Corona has been, since it’s 1925 advent in Mexico City, a traditional summer pale lager. As you’ve probably seen from their heavy advertising, it is typically associated with beaches. Frankly, we can’t think of any better way to celebrate the summer than with a beautiful bikini-clad woman, and the beer that’s screamed SUMMER since 1925. Dig a hole in the sandy beach, fill it with ice, Coronas, and enjoy!



Margaritas are typically favored with fajitas, in a pairing referred to by douchebags and housewives everywhere as ‘Fajitas and ‘Ritas!’ Served in Mexican restaurants, at Chili’s (because come on, Chili’s is as much of an authentic Mexican restaurant as a Taco Bell), and by upper and middle class socialite gatherings throughout the year, typically on Thursdays, right Mrs. Robinson? Anyway, 3 parts tequila and 3 parts tripe sec come together with 2 parts lemon juice beneath a salted rim to add that something extra to any backyard pool party. But only when accompanied with babes in bikinis.

Sam Adams Summer Ale


This seasonal beverage, a product of the fine Sam Adams brewing company, is actually a wheat beer. While I personally am not a fan of many wheat beers, there are two exceptions: Hefeweizen, and Sam Adams Summer Ale. This beauty combines flavors of lemon, tropical fruits, and rare African spices (suitably named ‘Paradise’) in a light, wheat beer that tastes like something wonderful, but certainly not a wheat beer. Toss a couple cases of this gem in the back of your pickup truck, make your way out to the nearest bonfire, and celebrate summer!

Lynchburg Lemonade


As many of you die-hard readers may recall, the Lynchburg Lemonade made it’s debut on a previous list here at Regretful Morning, titled 5 Mixed Drinks Manly men Can Drink (And Remain Manly). It returns with great accolade because when you think summer, after mowing the lawn for instance, the first non-alcoholic drink you think of is lemonade. Well throw in some whiskey and triple sec, and you’ve got the makings of an awesome summer drink. The Lynchburg Lemonade is versatile, easy to make, and is a great drink on the beach, at the pool, at a bonfire, or beside a river in the middle of the night with that special someone!

Captain Morgan Tattoo

tattoo captain morgan

Got a little Captain in you? Want some? If you said yes, you’re hopefully a woman. If you said no, hold your horses there, cowboy. I meant Captain Morgan Tattoo, the Captain’s fine, dark spiced Puerto Rican rum. With a hint of licorice, but bold, spicy, and rustic spices, this is truly the drink of pirates everywhere. Like me. And Kenny Chesney. You know what else are associated with pirates? Beaches and boats. Sounds like summer to me eh? Grab a bottle of this stuff, toss it in your pack, and head on out to wherever you happen to party that night knowing the Captain is your wingman, and you’re secretly a pirate, the most kick-ass of all summer drinkers!

Well folks, that’s it! The five summer drinks with which to properly celebrate. Feel free to recommend drinks you think should be added to the list.

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