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Rough Night? Let us find the content!

Horacio meets a Sasquatch (nipple)

Name: Horacio Sanchez
Age: 18

At the start of my freshman year of college I was a virgin and although not a fat ugly freak I was not exactly a game spitter.

One night of drinking in the dorm rooms introduced me to a FUGLY red head. She was skinny and pail but had red hair and had decent boobs.

So I decided to try to get it on with her in my dorm room. I was sufficiently grossed out by her face so I went straight for the boobs. I pulled a boob out and almost vomited.


There was a single LONG (3 inches at least) curly RED hair growing out of her nipple. I immediately froze in terror and I remember her saying “Whats wrong?” I got up and said I was to drunk to hook up and left her sitting on my bed. I’m not sure where I ran to as I’m pretty sure I blacked out from the terror.

To this day thinking about it makes me slightly queezy.

Dear Horacio, You probably did what we all would have done when being confronted by a nipple curly.  Your virginity was on the line though, so you could have done a few things different.  For example; you could have pulled it out for her, then when she winced in pain you could’ve said something like “oh I didn’t think that was one of yours.”  That would have made it look like you cared, while pointing out that she needs to do something about the Sasquatch on her areola.

This story was submitted as an entry for The Fixers ‘hook up gone wrong ‘ contest.  You can submit your own hook up story here for a chance at an AXE prize pack.