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Yahoo date ends in disaster

Name: Albert

Age: twenties

I married a woman off of Yahoo chat after talking to her for 3 months. She turned out to be a fat hairy coke addict with a whiny 10 year-old son. She had a face full of whiskers, blackheads and broken teeth, and a sagging belly full of stretch marks. She cheated on me with a crackhead/dealer that she let fuck her in the ass for his cocaine.


The marriage lasted 2 years. I gave up when she started disappearing into the night.

Dear Albert, you need to learn how to photoshop, heres why.  Anytime you meet a chick on Yahoo or Myspace you need to account for “internetz lbs” (those are the pounds women can hide via camera angles and lighting).  So just take the girl you’re talking to and add an extra chin and some saddle bags via photoshop, then you can ask yourself if it’s still worth it.  Sorry she ruined your life btw.

This story was submitted as an entry for The Fixers ‘hook up gone wrong ‘ contest.  You can submit your own hook up story here for a chance at an AXE prize pack.