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Rough Night? Let us find the content!

Trent and the Girl with Gas

Name: Trent

Age: 21

Last year my buddy and his GF and I were all gonna go out to the bars.  She was trying to hook me up with her friend who wasn’t hot but I went for it anyway.  We hit it off pretty well and took things back to their apt.

So we were in her room and were hooking up when I started going faster.  I think I was anyway but we were pretty drunk.  So as we start to get into it I hear a fart noise.  I thought it was me at first so I just kept going.


But then it happened again and again.  So call me shallow but I couldn’t continue you after that because I was really disgusted.  I’m also certain she heard it.

Dear Trent, usually I would try to say something funny about girls who fart, but I think I will give you a crash course in sexual education instead.  Sometimes during sex, girls will queef.  These are sort of like farts but from another hole, and don’t smell as bad.  Well…most of the time.  I assume your lady friend was dancing up a storm in that sweaty bar all night, so getting a face full of queef was probably no picnic.  Props to you for trying to keep going after the first one.

This story was submitted as an entry for The Fixers ‘hook up gone wrong ‘ contest.  You can submit your own hook up story here for a chance at an AXE prize pack.