Not everyone smokes weed, but most of us know someone who does.  Often you’ll realize that while high, they’ll automatically become super creative (in their own way), and also believe that whatever food they’re eating at the time, is the best consumable product, ever.

Bowls and Burritos taste awesome, and it doesn’t matter what side of the border you’re on. – gmunro3


Generic Blueberry bread that will blow your mind all over your face. – Gibbo69


Each square contains enough THC to make Alice n’ Wonderland the best movie ever, time after time. – Gibbo69


Ramen is delicious after a few bowls.  Now add the flavor of MJ and you’ve got yourself a continuous cycle of eating while getting high. – gmunro3


We took a literal look at the secret sauce used in these nuggets. – gmunro3


1.3 ounces of munchy destruction.  Warning: Staring at elves while high may result in uncontrollable laughter. – Gibbo69


The delicious taste of Red Bull, with completely opposite effects. – McBeefy


Now available in the following sizes. 1) Just smoked a J 2) That bowl was huge 3) I’ve been hitting this bong all day long. – TheDuke


Most disgusting shit you’ve ever laid your eyes on, yet has the ability to give your taste buds an orgasm. – killermarmot


Sort of like regular brownies, only these can kick you in the sack, while ripping your mind. – CountBaqula


Y0 DAWG I HERD U LIKE TO GET BAKED.  This beauty can also sub as a pipe so that you can get baked, while you eat baked (chips). – TheDuke


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