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Rough Night? Let us find the content!

I eff’d a girl and I liked it

Name: Kristina

Age: 21

Well remember that song by Katy Perry ‘I kissed a girl’ Yea well, I was before her.  I just turned twenty one and I was really shy.   My husband had been begging me to do a threesome.  I’m not bi and really wholesome and bashful so I kept refusing.  I was always a heavy drinker socially, the only bad thing I did (seriously).

I didn’t drink smoke steal lie or anything.  So My husband and a friend dared me to kiss this girl I figured what’s a lil peck?  So I did – She was such a good kisser.

We got a lil carried away and it ended up being a full out make out grope fest.  Well come to find out she was engaged and her BF actually tried to fight me! Whoa!  I was drunk feeling a little brave but not that brave, so I ditched the other girl and made myself scarce.

Well while playing drunk limbo, another girl dragged me into the woods.  She really pulled me off by my arm and I tripped over a tree root and she pulled me the rest of the way.  She was hott!  I was drunk and had already made out with one chick so I figured ‘whatever’.  Before it was over we were both butt naked in the woods and my husband caught us!!!

HAHAHA We all ended up doing it on someone else’s truck and he found us too!  What a night!  Pretty crazy, my brothers who were both there saw me too.  Another person told them what was happening and they discovered watching two chicks get it on is alot sexier when one of them isn’t your sister!

girls make out on keg

So me miss little wholesome country girl who goes to church every sunday discovered a little peice herself that I didn’t know existed.  My mom found out, my dad found out, OMG even my grandma found out.   I could never look that preacher in the eye after that.  I always suspected he knew too.

Small towns have really big mouths.  Hope I win the ressurect I’m still a pretty ummm rowdy drinker so I’d like to remember the things I do and wake up ready to do it again thanx!

Dear Kristina, thanks for writing in, I love stories with happy endings like yours!   Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy wants girl to be more sexually outgoing, girl becomes a total whore and her brothers accidentally watch her taco get munched in the back of a Chevy.  Also, your preacher isn’t disappointed in you, hes just butt hurt that the whole town got to see your bubble gum get chewed while he was at home watching Little House on the Prairie.

PS – The Resurrect contest ended like 6 months ago.  If they send us more I’ll let you know.