A few weeks ago we posted a pretty funny condom commercial that was too hot for TV. Since then I’ve been trying to find a good compilation of these ads. Some of these aired in Europe, but comparing Euro commercials to US commercials is like comparing Disney to late night Cinemax.


Side note: No one likes wearing condoms, even if the ad kicks ass. That being said, if you do find a chick cool enough to say “you’re good to go, just pull out and leave a map of Hawaii on my stomach” you should probably glove up just in case. This isn’t her first rodeo if you know what I mean.

12) Trojan-enz – Good way to ruin a night.

11) Durex – Put the brakes on traveling semen.

10) Zazoo – Crying kids suck, use a condom.

9) Safesex.nl – Have we got your attention yet?

8) Catchall Condoms – Your bundle of joy is a shit machine.

7) Durex – Slamming your willy into a car door while wearing one of our condoms will hurt.

6) Trojan – The Trojan pig that got banned by CBS.

5) Lifestyles – Makes you wonder if they’re ever not faking it…

4) Durex – Some say this will only work with a 2 inch penis.

3) British Safe Sex Ad – My balls are connected to a satellite…wait that didn’t work?

2) Prudence Plus – Skip the unwanted mess.

1) Kondum.nu – Bad way to find out your girlfriend has been cheating…

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