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Gina Carano Gets Naked

Posted October 5th, 2008 at 12:50 am by

I’m slowly becoming a fan of Gina Carano.  Mainly because she just got naked for the Elite XC weigh ins.

From MMA Junky – Gina Carano weighed in at 142.75 pounds on her first attempt. After removing all of her clothes, a towel-covered Carano weighed in a second time at 142.5 pounds. On her third attempt Carano weighed 141 pounds.

Skip to the 3 minute mark for the goods.  Objections?  Didn’t think so.  If she does this just to make weight, I can only imagine what she does after a few drinks.

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  • john
    November 16, 2008


    worst video ever!

  • gina fucker
    June 13, 2009


    whatahekk gina i love your bobbs

  • Zero
    August 28, 2009


    Dude. Videos with boobs (or really anything worth seeing) in them get taken off YouTube. Do you know nothing about the internet? Thumbs down on StumbleUpon. Moving on.

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