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Beer Goggle Evolution Photoshop Contest

The Evolution of Beer Goggles Photoshop Contest

We want your best before and after pictures of beer goggles.   Toothless 4000 BC beast’s transforming into loin cloth wearing babes or a modern day hog turning into a modern day hottie.  Maybe even a trip to the wild west?  As long as there are some good before and after pics, we’ll post them.

Rules are pretty simple:

1) Come up with before and after pics of beer goggles in action.  You may submit more than one.  Make sure you shrink it to 480 pixels wide or less.

2) Attach it on the forums here

3) Winner gets $25.  Must have a paypal account if you want to get paid.

4) Contest ends on 10/31/08 – Winners will be contacted via forum PM

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