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Bad In Bed Song

Posted October 17th, 2008 at 5:07 pm by

Damn, you know you’re bad in bed when your girl writes and sings a song and makes a video about you.

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  • caitlin
    February 17, 2009


    omg were can i get this tune from ??

    • Jason
      February 17, 2009


      Few dates with me and you’ll know the lyrics by heart.

  • Tenesee
    June 17, 2010


    I just found myself a perfect song… I was thinking that I had a crush on one of my ex boyfriends, but I turned out to be the only person that doesn’t think he is ‘such a good guy’, like everyone else did and still do. He is sooo mean but covers it up well… never payed a drink for me, didn’t brush his teeth after eating some disgusting meat and onion pie (and I don’t like meat)… and our sex life is pretty much described with this lovely song, except that I didn’t have any newspaper to read so I just had to wait till it’s done:D

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