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This Months Story Submissions

Posted July 25th, 2008 at 1:29 am by

Alright kids, the submissions are in.  Here are the stories that were submitted for the Soge Shirt T-Shirt contest.

Revenge of the Turds

Becca’s Hunchback

Justin and the Butch

Blame it on the Dog

Sheila Bangs a Bobble Head

I didn’t cheat…I think


Cops, Coke, and Hippos

What happens in Freemont, stays in Freemont

I will fire this post over to the Soge Shirts guys now and see who they picked.  What were your favorites from this month?

Update: Sheila and Dan are this months winners!

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  • Metallman
    July 25, 2008


    Dude, revenge of the turds all the way!

  • Petra
    July 25, 2008


    guy 1. Totally telling the truth and has my vote. Chick in #2. bullshit. didn’t happen. don’t believe a word of it. Guy 3. Hysterical but eeeewwww cooties. guy 4. totally true, but as stated in comments, she DID know it was you so no vote here.

  • Petra
    July 25, 2008


    #5. Been there got the tshirt – didn’t want the memory so no vote from me. #6. A Mainah in Boston – that gets my vote every time, and I couldn’t case less about his embarrassing moment (I met my hubby, a Mainah, in boston) … oh I’m tired of this. Booze calls. Will finish up later.

  • Jason
    July 25, 2008


    Petra come back when you’re lit and finish!

  • Petra
    July 26, 2008


    Ok. I’m back. Not completely lit but not feeling a whole lot of pain.

    So…. where was I? Oh yeh, #7. At first I really didn’t believe the story but we are talking MeHIco, so based on the water factor having merit, it is possible, I just don’t give you my vote due to the uncertainty of reality. #8. Not so sure I believe it but 8 is my fav number so thats a bonus, plus the video effect and the passing cop is major points so based on those factors, you my man are in the lead!

  • Petra
    July 26, 2008


    ok. #9. Wow. I think this is my story. Slightly modified but……. I have to vote for this one. Hands down. Or up. Depends on whether or not I am covering my boobs or hoohaa…. yikes!

  • Gluttony
    July 27, 2008


    Revenge of the turds kick ass.

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