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Demotivational Poster Contest!

Posted July 28th, 2008 at 6:36 pm by

The guys over at are going to give the best demotivational poster an awesome beer mug

This poster will be used in my next article called “Understanding the Tramp Stamp”.  Once I get all of the video footage, I will post it.

Edit: The contest is now over – has picked the following poster to win the mug.  Congrats to Nick!  To the rest of you who submitted, thank you for making us laugh – these are all awesome.

How to play:

1) Save the following picture to your desktop.  (Click on it first to get the full size)

2) Make a poster out of it using one of the generator sites.

3) Upload your poster to photobucket, image shack, or whichever image site you prefer.

4) Post the link to your masterpiece in the comments.

Do not worry about being offensive.  The guys from SizzUp are judging this, and they are alcoholics.

A winner will be selected this weekend!  I will start posting the pics you make as they come in.

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