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Twins in the Tub

Posted April 25th, 2008 at 9:14 pm by

This one is from Megs.  You’re a filthy girl, and I owe you breakfast.


Name: Megs

Age: 20

My roommate and I were dating two guys who were twins.  One night after a football game we all went back to their house for some drinks and hot tubbing.  It was actually their parents house but they were out of town so we decided to make the most of it.

I had no idea that drinking in a hot tub can make you incoherent after about 30 minutes.  My roommate Beth got out after about 45 minutes and her boyfriend Mike followed her.  My boyfriend Justin and I stayed in a bit longer.  He was all over me and I really didn’t know why.  We had already slept together earlier that night, so I was surprised that he was ready to go again…

One thing lead to another and we end up going for it right there in the dark.  I was exhausted so I grabbed my towel and headed inside.  Here’s where things get crazy…

Mike and Justin are identical twins but you can always tell them apart easily (even if you don’t know them) by the clothes they wear.  Justin always walks around in these brown shredded Birkenstocks and Mike is more of a tennis shoe type of guy.  So when I see Beth (who is barely awake) and Mike sitting on opposite ends of the couch I immediately look down.

You guessed it, I see the Birkenstocks…

Did I just…Yes I did.  Just as I was feeling my gut sink I hear the door open again.

“You owe me 20 bucks bro, she went for it!”

Long story short, Beth and I are no longer dating the twins.  Assholes.

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  • Shameless
    April 29, 2008


    This does not deserve to be among the holy walk of shame stories. This is just a dumb girl who can’t tell the difference between who she is kissing. She doesn’t even come close to walk of shame status!!

  • .45
    May 14, 2008


    That was pretty stupid, but sounds like her drink was dosed. Also stupid to think it was the hot tub that made her more drunk.

    Twins ALWAYS try to swap. Ones I’ve known, at least.

  • kc
    May 27, 2008


    thats very close to rape

  • infinitude
    May 28, 2008


    actually, heat does a very good job at expanding blood vessels, moving alcohol through your body much faster and more efficiently than it would if you were not, say for example, sitting in a tub of hot water.

  • Thompson Twin
    May 29, 2008


    You are a slut & a fucktard.
    The hot tub stuff & drinks is just an excuse, you would have blown any other guy be it a twin or not, drunk or not.
    Stupid story.
    Go get fucked by a donkey then tell us about it.

  • Pdm
    June 27, 2009


    You go guys. Advantage of being twins. Sharing :-)

  • Jess
    October 15, 2009


    That is definately rape, in a legal sense. The girl did not consent to having sex with him, he tricked her into it and her boyfriend was party to the event. The people leaving comments about her being a slut for having sex with someone she assumed was her boyfriend are evil cunts, and it sucks that she considered it her shame when it is clearly theirs.

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