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  • Current State of The Site Posted by on April 18, 2014 under Pics
      As you have probably noticed by now, our site crashed and got rolled back to November.  There is no way around this, no server admin will save the day, and that content wasn't saved.  Since we are stagnate for the time being, I thought I'd hook you up wi... more.
  • Morning After Pill Won’t Work On Fat Girls Posted by on November 27, 2013 under Pics
    I took this screen shot on Jezebel earlier when a big girl started complaining about BMI during a heated discussion about morning after pills.  I was kind of shocked to see that the highest rated comment was made by another girl who didn't hold back.  It is also a... more.
  • Star Wars Humor Always Warrants A Chuckle (15 Pics) Posted by on under Articles, Featured
    After viewing pic #4, I have a new found respect for Porkins.  If he hadn't absorbed that enemy fire, Luke may have been taken out before he got his shot off.  The Empire would still rule to this day, eventually expanding to our galaxy and enslaving the people of ... more.
  • The 11 Highest Voted Pornstars On Reddit Posted by on under nsfw
    Yesterday redditors voted up the prettiest girls in porn.  I've grabbed the top 11 to get your feedback.  Overall, I am pleased with the results.  Also, we can't post the nudes here because advertisers get pissed, but we are able to do so if it's in a scientific mann... more.
  • Thief Gets Pepper-sprayed, Spanked, And Kicked In The Face Posted by on under Video Vault
    You came to wong neighborhood moddafucka. An Asian store owner was forced to take action when two knife wielding thieves attempted to rob his store. When two masked men walked into Zhen Yang's Gatineau, Que., convenience store Tuesday night, at first he thought ... more.
  • Bike Thief Got Jokes Posted by on November 26, 2013 under Pics
    If you're going to be a stealing piece of sh*t, do it with style.... more.
  • Don’t Laugh Posted by on under Pics
    ... more.
  • China Opens Robot Hotel Posted by on under Articles
    We are living in a science-fiction movie. It wasn't that long ago when people thought the airplane, the automobile, and even the cell phone were the products of dreamers.  Hell, two hundred years ago we couldn't even take pictures.  The most recent pipedream is un... more.
  • Tramp Stamp Tuesday Posted by on under nsfw
    Tuesday is upon us and that means it's time for some lower back ink.  This is an inactive model from Orlando who goes by "xxRomyxx." Romy is 5'7", weighs 125 lbs, and measures in at 36DD-24-34.  Her only social media profile is a myspace account which is blocked s... more.
  • Crazy Guy Starts Yelling About A Bomb On The Plane Posted by on under Video Vault
    Stale pretzels and cramped flying conditions affect some more than others. A man was forcibly removed from a Spirit Airlines flight on Friday after he began screaming there was a bomb on the plane and that he was going to blow it up. The incident happened on boa... more.
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